"I love the way you bereave the pics of most colour but interplay the shadows. Just adds emotion to the action and to be honest is refreshingly different from the wrestling photography I'm used too."
Dale Beaumont-Brown - Owner/Managing Director at Elixir Media Production

"Some of the shots you've got of me at Progress are just beautiful. They scream wrestling/and passion to me more than any others I've seen."
Matt Cross / Son of Havoc - Pro Wrestler

"That first one is one of the best wrestling photos I’ve ever seen. Amazing."
Scroobius Pip - Rapper, podcaster, actor, label boss.

"Rob Brazier is very good at getting incredibly arty pictures of [wrestling]"
Jimmy Havoc - Pro Wrestler

"Very talented"
William Regal - Pro Wrestler, WWE Talent Scout

"Once again Rob has nailed it! Thank you so much for capturing our lil night. One of me from LADS but they are all so amazing"
Scarlett O'Hora - Cabaret performer, organiser of L.A.D.S

"Its very stylised what Rob does, I think he fits in to Progress so well because he has that indy rock, punk pop sort of look"
"Flash" Morgan Webster - Pro Wrestler and podcaster

"Such great stuff. The best ones are in fine art territory. You should definitely do more of this kind of work - I don't mean in terms of the subject matter necessarily e.g cabaret/burlesque, I mean the approach. But that said just amazing how non-male-gaze, non-aggressive the approach is - the work is so detailed and so tender, really humanising rather than SO MANY burlesque photos I've seen which are aggressively sexual and 'present' the female body as sexualised and willing - presented for consumption, can be horrible. Very reductive. And also it's so forced because I find that burlesque performers tend to have so much personality, humour and strength that to do that those photographers really must go out of their way to diminish and simplify that personality. Awful.
Instead, your subject here has so much agency and narrative and depth, the details show a curious and fun gaze rather than a messed up sex-gaze. I think you've produced a set of strong, collaborative feminist images with a field that has always had a lot of problems in regard to its visual representations and interpretations. So it would be really interesting to see more of your work in that industry. Either way, great work Rob, really great."
Idil Sukan - Photographer

"It's 2am and I can't stop thinking about these pictures of @LoloBrow by [Rob]. Stunning."

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